The development of sport shoes

shoes development Athletic shoe are as popular now as ever. For a long time, they have overlapped from the sport field to the consumer market. Athletic footwear is a huge industry worth billions worldwide and shows no signs of abating.

So what’s the story of the sport shoe?

How are they created and why are they so popular?
It all started (as much seems to have happened) in Victorian times. In the middle of the 19th century, Britain became smaller. Transportation evolved and so did industry. Class sharing has never been so great. The need for leisure grew. The beach seemed closer than ever. The sport started with croquet, tennis, golf, cricket, rugby and football soon took shape. Those were exciting times. But all this could not be achieved with the traditional, hard black shoes.

They basically had a rubber sole and a canvas upper. Known as sandals, these would become what we know as canvas shoe and begin the journey with modern sport or training shoe.

In the early 20th century,

grooves were designed in the soles of the shoe to help them grip surfaces even better. so Athletic shoe were integrated into the army, overseas exploration and physical training lessons across the country. At the Paris Olympics in 1924, the British team had advanced footwear, produced by J.W. Fetus and sons. Successfully on the field and field, ideas for a new athletic shoe crossed the seas for the United States.

HOWEVER The first basketball shoe was produced in the early 20th century, and as the sport grew in popularity after World War I, the public wanted a piece of shoe fashion as it was worn by its sport heroes. By World War II, sport shoe sold very well. With the help of a successful Olympics in 1936, there was no going back.

As each decade went by,

sport shoe or trainers worn in the UK became a must-have item. Large sport shoe companies emerged in Germany, the United States and the United Kingdom. They started to take over the traditional market for leather footwear from before. A fashion statement among young people, coaches have spread across the sport world and anchored in our culture forever.

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