Roxy shoes are the leading shoe brand for active Sport Fashion, minded girls. In 1990, the Roxy brand was launch as the feminine side of Quicksilver. The leading surf brand find in Australia two decade earlier and then develop in the United States in 1976 by Robert B McKnight and Jeffery Hackman as Quicksilver Inc. fashion style and trends

Sport Fashion denim and snow wear

In 1990, they took the bold step of developing a women’s series to be know as Roxy. Which launch in 1991 with the introduction of swimwear Sport Fashion. This range was so well received that the following year, 1992, they switch to sportswear by introducing denim and snow wear to the growing Roxy range.

In 1993, the Roxy logo was born. Quiksilver’s highly recognizable logo Sport Fashion of a rolling wave and snow-cap mountain was mirror alongside the original logo to form a heart-shape female coat of arms.

The name Roxy was chose because it had a modern punk sound like Roxy Music and The Roxy nightclub. But they were also the name of the daughters of founder Sport Fashion Alan Greene and also CEO Bob McKnight.

In 1999, Roxy’s accessories division boomed. This was the accordingly year they created a full range of footwear alongside jewelry, bags, backpacks, and travel accessories.

picky girls and outdoor enthusiasts love Sport Fashion Roxy shoes

Roxy has grown from its inception to become one of the world’s leading action Sport Fashion wear for young women. In addition to swimsuits and snow clothing, it now produce accessory, household items, snow and surf items, wetsuits, books, perfume and footwear.

Fashionable, picky girls and outdoor enthusiast love Roxy shoes because they know they look great while appreciating the comfort and style of Roxy shoes Sport Fashion. The shoes can accordingly range from hanging out with friends on the beach to afternoon get-together, eating out, watching a movie, or party.

The different styles of Roxy shoes include sandals, flip flops, boots, and shoes Sport Fashion. Within each category there is a wide variety of styles. For example, there are buckled boots, strap boots, knit boots, leather boots, and fur-lined boots.

Sport Fashion Roxy shoes are trendy

Roxy shoes are trendy, fun, and naturally sassy. Roxy has taken the love of sports, adventure, and Sport Fashion shoes to a whole new level. Girls around the world find Roxy shoes to give them confidence, comfort, and great value for money. Whether it’s flip flops, sandals, sneakers or boots, Roxy shoes have their own unique style. Girls who want to stand out from accordingly Sport Fashion the crowd can’t walk past Roxy footwear.

By practicing her unique style of dressing active girls in all facets of life. Roxy continue to grow and is proactive in sponsoring many Sport Fashion surfing competitions and surf camps on the east and west coasts of the United State.

Going out in a pair of Roxy shoes gives a girl confidence and the feeling that she is part of surf or snow Sport Fashion culture. While also know that she looks good to go everywhere. These shoes are a must-have for any young woman’s wardrobe and the hardest decision is which of the many styles to choose.

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